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Nigel Edwards BA (Hons)


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Autobiographical Coastal Form 4 Lo Res.j

"Autobiographical Coastal Forms" Nigel Edwards. 2020

             My ceramic work discusses a wide range of contemporary issues. I consider explorations from the perspective of object hood, directing my thoughts to my past for reflection and inspiration. These thoughts provoke contemporary work which concern man’s interactions with his environment and considerations of how we have taken our vital symbiosis with our environment for granted.

Autobiographical Coastal Form 10 Lo  Res

      I consider the beauty of the environment where I was raised in rural Devon, using clay bodies and mimetic glazes to convey the raw energy and dynamism of the sea and the land.

            I employ mathematic derivations, art history and glaze development to symbolise, encourage, and engage thought concerning specific issues, whilst simultaneously positioning man’s relationship in the world through the existence of the created object.

"Autobiographical Coastal Forms" Nigel Edwards. 2020

Core Characteristics:  Degree Exhibition Film
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