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White Horse  Terrain: Geographical Identity

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      This body of work is less retrospective; drawing inspiration from my contemporary life in the Vale of the White Horse, Oxfordshire.

I have designed and incorporated sprigged forms in relief to celebrate the ancient and iconic White Horse at Uffington.

        The Vale is the valley of the stream called the Ock, a stream which joins the Thames at Abingdon. 

        Above the village of Uffington the gigantic figure of the white horse is cut into the turf of the hillside revealing the white chalky soil beneath.


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      I have lived in a hamlet of the Vale in the shadow of White Horse Hill for over 30 years. Geography, environment, and a sense of place in a  rural  location is important to me and are qualities inherent in my work.


            My initial forms are mugs to explore the iron rich clay body with use of dolomite glaze in sprigged relief, to yield unique personal vessels with a common theme- everyone has a favourite mug! I am also developing other functional pieces in this body of work, such as oil bottles, salt jars, butter pots, and planters.

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