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Autobiographical Coast Forms

       We have again reached a seminal moment in the history of man - the threat to the existence of marine life and habitat due to scientific and technical invention of plastics and pollutants. 

            This body of work considers the beauty of the environment where I was raised, using clay bodies and mimetic glazes to convey the raw energy and dynamism of the coast. I have employed various techniques and involved different genres, exploring functional forms through the language of sculpture, to the development of glazes to encourage and engage with thoughts of rural coastlines and marine life. 


Autobiographical Coastal Form 1 Lo Res.j

            The result is a balance held between two forces, the power of the ocean and man’s relationship and impact on it through geometric and technical interventions.

Autobiographical Coastal Form 3 Lo Res.j

     I have developed the functionality of this sculptural body of work form by making the vessels as large table lamp bases. The glaze applications are the same glazes as the original body of work imparting the same core creative strategies.

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