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Star Field Bowls

      I was born in 1958,  the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s evovled in  a post second world war explosion of ideas , technologies  brought about social change. It was a period of great economic growth engendering hope, liberty and creativity. New free thinking and design made possible by the creation of new materials such as plastic, the invention and diverse use of plywood; rapid communication with the aid of advancements in electronics; the invention of satellites, the development of the television, the atomic bomb and atomical  potential for generating clean ,free electrical power, and also the world changing development of the computer which was fuelled by the post war American and Russian space race.



    The period of my youth experiencing progressive modernism during the 1950's 60' and 70's  has influenced this body of work. The "Star Field" work has references and inspiration from West German Ceramic and post-war Hungarian ceramic,and to  the exciting technological exploration of landing man on the moon.

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